Become a Sustainable Business

 Gratis helps companies take concrete steps to become Socially & Environmentally Responsible—and leverage that progress to improve their brand reputation.

What We're Developing


The Gratis Certification recognizes and promotes businesses that are taking the right steps to becoming Socially & Environmentally Responsible. 


Gratis creates digestible and easy-to-understand information on Social & Environmental Responsibility.


Members are part of a community centered around Social & Environmental Responsiblity.  

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Who We Are 

Kristen Palma

“There is a lot of misunderstanding around what sustainability means. Sustainability is about having the necessities to exist tomorrow. Let’s change the narrative.”

Lionel P. Church

“We need to build a future where driving to work, getting groceries, buying the stuff we need and flying home to visit family—normal life—doesn’t cause harm to the environment or other people. It's not too much to ask for. We founded Gratis to help make that possible.”